Patent, design and trademark filings

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S&Z provides practical IP-related commercial services that are tax and exchange control compliant to:

  • large corporate (e.g. Anglo American, De Beers, Denel)
  • most South African Universities and research institutions
  • technology companies (e.g. Eye Slices, Iluba, Roundabout PlayPump, Hippo Roller)


S&Z advises various multinationals on IP-related tax matters and consults to Treasury on IP sections in our Tax Act including s11D (R&D tax incentive) and s23I (Licensing arbitrage). In 2012, S&Z was appointed as a consultant to SARS on s11D. S&Z is currently the expert witness for SARS on intellectual property transfer pricing matters.

Exchange control

S&Z ensures that its transactions are exchange control compliant. The firm is frequently engaged by SARB to conduct investigations on its behalf and consults to Treasury to ensure that our Exchange Control Regulations dovetail with the Tax Act.


S&Z has developed proprietary IP valuation models that remove much of the subjectivity from valuations by cross-checking inputs against related objective factors.

Valuation experience: Anthony van Zantwijk is a patent attorney specialising in the commercialization, taxation and valuation of intellectual property, and consults to many of South Africa’s top ten companies, multinationals, Treasury, SARS and SARB. In 2013, Anthony was appointed as an expert valuator by SARS.

While employed at one of South Africa’s leading IP firms, Anthony inter alia valued IP totaling billions of Rand. During 2005, he took up employment at SARS’ Large Business Centre (Special Projects division), where he was responsible for reviewing and regulating IP tax structures and valuations. While at SARS, Anthony successfully challenged a number of high value IP valuations. Anthony continues to consult to SARS on IP tax structures and valuations and consults to many other South African Regulators and government funding agencies on this and related topics.

Anthony has also been engaged as an expert valuation witness by the South African Reserve Bank (Exchange Control division).

During 2006/2007, Anthony developed the IP valuation model currently used by SARS and made available by SARS to SARB.

Over the past two years, Anthony has presented various courses on IP valuation. In addition, Anthony lectured the IP module of the Wits’ (University of the Witwaterstand) H.Dip (Tax) course and the IP commercialization, royalty determination and IP valuation modules of the Wits’ LLM (IP law) course. Anthony continues to be engaged by Treasury to re-write the IP sections in the South African Income Tax Act and to draft anti-avoidance tax legislation relating to IP. His articles on IP tax, exchange control and valuation have been published in various publications, including Finweek, Financial Mail and Without Prejudice and Anthony has contributed various chapters (including a chapter on IP valuation) to the Practical Tax Handbook (published by Fleet Street Publications).


Our fees are exclusive of VAT (if applicable).

Commercial, licensing, joint ownership agreements, tax, exchange control R2,000 per hour
Drafting license agreement using IdeaNav term sheet R5,000
Protect your idea R20,000 Protection Booster package – the most comprehensive protection package available.
SA national phase patents For only US$585 / EUR460 – fixed price.
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