Register a trademark

To protect your brand (e.g. clothing or event brand), you should register a trademark in South Africa.

Steps to register a trademark:

Once registered, your South African trademark will prevent others from making, importing advertising, and selling competing products / services using a brand that is "confusingly similar" to your trademark within South Africa.

Although you may use your brand before filing the trademark application (and before your trademark application is registered), it is better first to file the trademark application.

Should you wish to extend your brand to other countries, we can assist you to file foreign trademarks. This is best done within 6 months of filing the South African trademark, but may also be done at a later stage.

Available trademark classes:


  1. Chemical
  2. Paint
  3. Cosmetic / cleaning
  4. Lubricants / fuel
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Metal
  7. Machinery
  8. Hand tool
  9. Computer, software, electrical, scientific
  10. Medical instrument
  11. Environmental control instrument (lighting, heating, cooling, cooking)
  12. Vehicle (land, air or water)
  13. Firearm
  14. Jewellery
  15. Musical instrument
  16. Paper, printed material
  17. Rubber
  18. Leather (excluding clothing)
  19. Non‐metallic building material
  20. Furniture
  21. Houseware and glass
  22. Rope, cordage and fiber
  23. Yarn and thread
  24. Fabric and textile
  25. Clothing and apparel
  26. Lace, ribbons, embroidery
  27. Floor covering
  28. Toy and sporting good
  29. Meat and processed food
  30. Staple food
  31. Natural agricultural
  32. Light beverage
  33. Wine and spirit (excluding beer)
  34. Tobacco and matches


  1. Advertising, business and retail
  2. Insurance and financial service
  3. Construction and repair
  4. Communication
  5. Transportation and storage
  6. Treatment and processing of material
  7. Education and entertainment
  8. Computer, software, scientific
  9. Restaurant and hotel
  10. Medical, beauty and agricultural
  11. Personal, legal and social

(Updated 2007)

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