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Patent & Trademark Law Firm

Our People

Patent attorneys
Trademark attorneys
Registered tax practitioner
Product designer
Mechanical engineer
Civil engineer

Our Clients

Anglo American De Beers
Sasol Net1 UEPS
Wits Univ Nelson Mandela Univ
SARS Treasury

Commercialize your IP

  • Confidentiality undertakings
  • Licensing
  • Joint ventures
  • Software transactions
  • R&D agreements

Protect your invention

  • Patent searches
  • Provisional patent applications
  • International / PCT patents
  • Trademarks
  • Renewals

Prototype your invention

  • Industrial designers
  • 3D CAD models
  • Photorealistic posters
  • 3D printing
  • Patent & design drawings

DIY Online Trademarks

Protect your brand

File a South African trademark for your name or logo

For only R3,750 (filing fee)

Online patent renewals

  • Save 70% on renewals
  • Free renewal reminders
  • Pay online
  • We extract your data


  • Mechanical engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Tax practitioners
  • Patent & trademark attorneys


DIY Online Patents

Protect your idea

File a South African provisional patent

For only $199

Got an idea?

Step 1

Conduct a search:

To identify the features of your invention that may be patented. Our professional patent search package includes a worldwide patent search report, copies of relevant documents and our opinion on patentability. Cost: R9,950 plus vat. See our patent tools website.

Step 4

Register a trademark:

To protect the name of your product (e.g. "APPLE" computers), register a South African trademark. Cost: R3,750 plus vat.

Step 2

Register a patent:

Register a South African provisional patent to reserve your patent rights worldwide for twelve months. Within the year, file a PCT patent to extend further your reservation in most countries of the world to thirty months. Thereafter file national phase patents in countries where you require patent protection. Provisional patent cost: Cost: R19,950 plus vat.

Step 5

License your IP:

Appoint licensed distributors that pay your patent and design costs in their territories. We are specialists in intellectual property, licensing, tax and exchange controls. And, draft agreements in simple English.

Step 3

Register a design:

To protect the shape of your product, register a South African design, followed by foreign designs in six months time. Design cost: R9,950 plus vat.

South African national phase patents

Extend your PCT patent to South Africa for only US$585. This includes all costs up to and including grant of the South African patent. South Africa is not an examining country. So, no prosecution costs will be incurred for South African national phase patents other than pharmaceutical patents.

DIY Online Design Registration

Protect the shape of your product

File a South African design registration (using photos)

For only $299


Patent search: R4,950 + vat

Provisional patent: R9,950 + vat

Trademark search and registration: R6,250 + vat

Design registration filing: R6,950 + vat

Hourly rate: R3,000 + vat

Contact us

9 Kruger St, Oaklands, Johannesburg, 2192
011 483 3128



Our structured patenting process:

  1. Discussion to identify the "most essential, new feature" of your invention (Free)
  2. Conduct an international online patent search to determine whether this feature is "new" (R4,950 + vat)
  3. Discuss the patentable features of your invention, in light of the search report (Free)
  4. Draft your South African provisional patent (R9,950 + vat)
  5. In 12 months time, file an international / PCT patent (From R36,500)
  6. In 30 months time, file a national phase patent in each country you wish to secure patent protection

Commercial: licensing, valuation, exchange controls and tax

All commercial work is performed by Anthony van Zantwijk (BSc(Eng), LLB, LLM(Tax), Patent Attorney and Registered Tax Practitioner)

Experience: Spoor & Fisher (commercial department), SARS (structured finance), Expert witness for SARS (transfer pricing and estate duty valuation), Expert witness for South African Reserve Bank (valuation), licensing consultant to Anglo American and De Beers, IP tax consultant to Sasol and Maitlands.

Hourly rate: 3,000 + vat


  • Commercial
  • Exchange control
  • Funding
  • Patent / Trademark issues
  • Structured finance
  • Taxation
  • Valuation



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