SANi Patent - Combination patent covering South Africa and Nigeria

SANi Patent - your best option for Africa

A SANi Patent covers South Africa and Nigeria - African countries with a total GDP of $734 billion (i.e. 44% of Sub-Saharan Africa GDP) and a total population of 265 million.

GlobalIPCo has automated the filing and prosecution process in both South Africa and Nigeria, enabling S&Z (as the agent of GlobalIPCo) to process SANi Patents.

Time to grant

SANi Patents are not subject to substantive examination, which enables the patent certificates to be couriered within 5-9 months of filing at a fixed cost.

Sani patent


Both South Africa and Nigeria permits pre-payment of renewals for the entire 20-year patent term. Take advantage of this and file a Vicennial SANi Patent (renewed "to term"). Not only does this significantly reduce the lifetime renewal cost, but it also removes the risk and hassle associated with payment of annual renewal fees.


The fixed cost of a SANi Patent (from filing to courier of the certificates, inclusive of professional fees, official fees and disbursements) is only $875*.

The cost to pre-pay all 20 years of SANi renewals is $875.

For a total cost of $1,750* you can secure patent protection in South Africa and Nigeria for 20 years.

* Pricing is reduced if the GlobalIPCo system is used.


Both South Africa and Nigeria permit the patent claims to be amended after grant, provided that the scope of the claims is not increased.

Most patent amendments are expected to narrow the scope of the claims; and not delaying acceptance of the SANi Patent keeps costs low and simplifies the patent process. Therefore, consider delaying amending SANi Patent claims until just before infringement proceedings are instituted (if ever).

How to file a SANi Patent

Simply send us an email with your PCT/WO number and we will send you forms for signature. Scanned copies of the signed forms are accepted.

[The SANi patent is not created by Treaty]

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