VicennialPatent - South African 20-year Patent Package

What you get

For only $835 (official fees included) we will:

Vicennial Patent

Free options:

No additional cost will be incurred for the 20-year term of the South African patent, even if official renewal fees are increased during the term of the patent.

The South African Patent Office does not conduct substantive examination of patents. No prosecution costs will be incurred, and grant is guaranteed.

How to file

Send us an email. For South African PCT national phase patent applications, we require the published PCT / WO number. For South African convention patent applications, we require: the applicant's name and address; the inventor's name and country; a copy of the South African complete patent specification (in Word format); and the priority document. We will send you forms for signature. Scanned copies of the signed forms and documents are accepted.



Since South African patents may be amended at any time (even after grant) to reduce the scope of the claims, we suggest only amending South African patents if South African infringement proceedings are to be instituted.

About S&Z

S&Z is the largest filer of South African patents, filing +500 patents per month. Through use of the GlobalIPCo patent management system, S&Z is able to automate the filing and prosecution process, prosecuting large volumes of South African patents, trademarks and designs at low, fixed costs.

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