GlobalIPCo - Enterprise Users

What you get

S&Z and GlobalIPCo enable select law firms ("Enterprise Users") to create in-house African patent, trademark and design filing departments.


GlobalIPCo makes available an online management system, and S&Z provides training and support.

GlobalIPCo Brochure

GlobalIPCo Brochure

African reach

The GlobalIPCo system currently covers South Africa. During 2022/2023, GlobalIPCo aims to add Nigeria.

"Direct" engagement with Patent Offices

To comply with local laws, GlobalIPCo appoints a law firm through which it channels communications with the Patent Office. However, with training and access to the GlobalIPCo system, your in-house filing department is (through our local agent channel) able to deal with the Patent Office(s) "directly". Not only will this significantly reduce your cost of African IP registrations; it will also improve efficiencies.

Pricing (South Africa)


Filing national / convention patent: $199 (discounted)
Acceptance / grant: $70
Courier (optional): $110 per couriered parcel including up to 4 patents


Filing: $99
Acceptance / grant: $70
Responding to office action: from $70
Courier (optional): $110 per couriered parcel including up to 16 trademarks


Filing: $149
Acceptance / grant: $70
Courier (optional): $110 per couriered parcel including up to 11 designs


The GlobalIPCo system offers free:

South African patents and designs are not examined. As such, there are no prosecution costs. The total cost to obtain a South African patent and a South African design is $269 and $219, respectively.

Late filing of documents

The next release of the GlobalIPCo system will enable users "directly" to late-lodge documents online at a nominal cost.


Subject to training, an upcoming release of the GlobalIPCo system will enable users "directly" to effect amendment / correction of South African patent applications online.

The GlobalIPCo system







PCT Details

The GlobalIPCo system has 3,500 normal users and manages more than 8,300 applications. We have just started to accept Enterprise Users.


S&Z offers full, free online (email, call and video call) support and training to Enterprise users. S&Z will ensure that your in-house team is 100% comfortable: filing applications; late-lodging forms; arranging acceptance and courier; and amending / correcting applications.

To apply to become an Enterprise User, please contact us.

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