Mark a product Patent Pending

Why mark your product “Patent Pending”? Adding a Patent Pending Number to your product keeps everyone guessing what they may not copy for up to 18 months. Most foodstuff (e.g. chocolates), software, mobile apps, business methods and games are successful …

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Register a trademark

To protect your brand (e.g. clothing or event brand), you should register a trademark in South Africa. Steps to register a trademark: Call us to: (i) confirm that your brand is not “descriptive”; and (ii) identify the “classes” in which …

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Register a patent

1. Patent search – to determine whether you have something patentable Before registering a patent for an invention: identify the benefits of your invention; identify features that you have “added” to yield those benefits. Note: you cannot patent “benefits”, only …

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South Africa PCT National Phase Patent

South African offers the lowest cost national phase patent available. Total cost: US$585. This charge include: our professional charge; the official / filing fee (US$50); prosecution costs (for non-pharmaceutical inventions); acceptance, publication and grant costs; and cost to courier the …

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FAQ: I have an idea. Where to from here?

I want to find out how to patent a Idea and if there is already a patent about my idea and what can I benefit? Need help and any assistance please! (Yolande, 3 Feb 2012)